Who can compete in beast of the barz?

To compete in our competitions you will have to apply through a video-application.


Stay updated for more info on our instagram @beastofthebarzz or on the website.

How can i see your competition if i live in another country?

We use Instagram Livestream on @beastofthebarzz so that anyone around the world can see our competitions live.

When is the next competition?

The next competition will be POSTPONED due to corona virus

If you have more questions or want to get in contact with us please send an email to info@beastofthebarz.com

Upcoming events

Beast Of The Barz: Game Of The Barz


Extremfabriken, Stockholm


Beast Of The Barz: Swedish Nationals

June 6th 2020

Extremfabriken, Stockholm

Beast Of The Barz: Team Battles

September 2020

Extremfabriken, Stockholm

Beast Of The Barz: Fitnessfestivalen

4-6 December 2020

Fitnessfestivalen, Älvsjö

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Stockholm, Sweden

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