Beast Of The Barz was founded by Daniel Flefil back in 2018. Daniel is an Calisthenics & Street Workout athlete himself but saw that missing piece in Sweden of professional competitions and events and wanted to fill that gap.


In December 2019 we organized the competition Beast Of The Barz at the biggest fitness expo in Scandinavia, Fitnessfestivalen. It all started with a goal to create the biggest Street Workout competition in Sweden. And that is what i became. It was the biggest Calisthenics & Street Workout Competition held not only in Sweden, but in the whole Scandinavia.


We had 40 amazing athletes competing from all over Europe. And we had the incredible athletes Daniel Sørensen, Vitaliy Melnik and also the world champion Daniels Laizans to judge the competition.


Our goal is to make Street Workout a more prominent sport in Sweden and organize the best possible competions to grow the sport and create a bigger community. We want to put Sweden on the map in Street Workout.

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Upcoming events

Beast Of The Barz: Game Of The Barz


Extremfabriken, Stockholm


Beast Of The Barz: Swedish Nationals

June 6th 2020

Extremfabriken, Stockholm

Beast Of The Barz: Team Battles

September 2020

Extremfabriken, Stockholm

Beast Of The Barz: Fitnessfestivalen

4-6 December 2020

Fitnessfestivalen, Älvsjö

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