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Gymleco has been around since 1994 and their mission is to provide the market with strength training equipment focusing on long-lasting, functional equipments for the low cost but with the highest quality.

Gymleco is the company that have made it possible for Beast Of The Barz to start having the biggest Calisthenics & Street Workout competitions in the Nordic.

Fitness Festivalen, Beast Of The Barz
Extremfabriken, street workout competition
If you want to be a part of BEAST OF THE BARZ, please contact us at info@beastofthebarz.com

Upcoming events

Beast Of The Barz: Game Of The Barz


Extremfabriken, Stockholm


Beast Of The Barz: Swedish Nationals

June 6th 2020

Extremfabriken, Stockholm

Beast Of The Barz: Team Battles

September 2020

Extremfabriken, Stockholm

Beast Of The Barz: Fitnessfestivalen

4-6 December 2020

Fitnessfestivalen, Älvsjö

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